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NearMe's Vision


Creating wealth for people and the region and opening the future.

As a "social design company," we will continue to face social issues honestly.
Not only do we want to make people's lives more free, but we also want them to realize the value in their everyday lives. So that everyone can fulfill their dreams of "wanting to go, live, and continue living" at any time.

From the individual "near me" to the world.
We aims to create connections between regions and individuals, and expand sustainable regions.


Solve "MOTTAINAI" in life and create the next normal.

Using technology that organically matches people, things, and events, we will revitalize and create regional value and implement sustainability in the mobility that connects them to society.

To transform the waste of idle assets and latent resources into discoveries of the unknown and future resources, and to connect them to new possibilities for people and the region.

NearMe's mission is to increase the freedom and joy of living as oneself in the lives of each person and in each community.


Be Healthy

Respect diversity, be open-minded, and always take care of your health and smiles, as well as those of your colleagues.

Show Grid

Let's face challenges seriously and act as professionals who are particular about speed and results.

Side by Side

Get to know the people and the local community, and continue to act with compassion and honesty toward our customers, colleagues, and partners.


Let's think and act with an eye toward continuity and future growth, not just discovering, solving, and improving problems.

Go Beyond

Even if you encounter uncertainties or difficult situations, don't be afraid of change or challenge and break through.

Specific Initiatives

Among various social issues, we first aim to eliminate the `MOTTAINAI' in transportation by providing shuttle service that uses our unique AI to provide smooth and profitable transportation experience through sharing.

By developing this service into a service related to people's daily lives, we aim to become the "fourth public transportation" after trains, buses, and taxis.


Move freely and move into an open world.

The city created by NearMe is a free city free from restrictions on movement.

When arrows representing arbitrary movement, arrows representing geotags, and letter arrows are combined, they appear to be running parallel to each other, and a sense of dialogue can be felt.

In addition, all letters are in a stencil typeface with no completely closed parts, expressing our stance on moving back and forth between the physical and the digital.


Koichiro Takahara


Ex. Rakuten, SAP, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business​
Former high school baseball player. Hobbies: Golf, traveling, and reading.

Kenji Hosoda


Ex. Scubism Technology, Doctor of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
Hobbies: Golf, badminton, and programming.

Naoyuki Matsukura


Ex. Nomura Securities, Ajinomoto,
Graduated from Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of International and Public Policy
Hobbies: Traveling, finding delicious restaurants, and saunas.

Taiki Inoue


Ex. Hakuhodo
Hobbies: Traveling / Sauna / Gym / Soccer/Futsal / Agriculture / Watching movies / Camera

Takahito Aiki

Outside director

Beisia Co., Ltd. Representative Director and President
EX. Rakuten, Pioneer, Kamakura Shinsho

Tomohiro Okawa


Partner, Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu Law Office

Company Profile


NearMe, Inc.


THE E.A.S.T Nihonbashi Tomizawacho 9-4 Nihonbashi Tomizawacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0006


Koichiro Takahara

Establishment date

July 18, 2017


100 million yen


Internet service for real-time location information

Main collaboration partners

Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.
ANA Holdings Co., Ltd.
Tokyu Land Corporation
Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd.
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.
Keikyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
JR East
Aioi Nissei Dowa Insurance Co., Ltd.
JA Mitsui Lease Co., Ltd.
Toyota Kyushu Co., Ltd.
Ota Ward, Tokyo, Niigata City, Nagaoka City, Nanjo City, Myoko City, etc.