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Solve "MOTTAINAI" in life and create the next normal.

NearMe is a social design company that is close to people and the community.

In order to transform the "MOTTAINAI" of idle assets and latent resources into discoveries of the unknown and future resources, and connect them to new possibilities for people and regions, we will create space and freedom in the lives of each person and each region.

About us
For Individuals

Airport Shuttle

A shuttle service that allows you to travel door-to-door between your home/hotel and the airport at a great value by sharing. We use our unique AI to optimize routes and match people traveling in the same direction to achieve economical travel.

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For Individuals

Airport Limo

A fixed-price private hire car/taxi that connects your home/hotel with airports nationwide. It can accommodate up to 9 people and is offered at a great price.

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For Individuals

Golf Shuttle

This is a shuttle service that connects the golf course and your home/accommodation door-to-door. Maximum of 4 people, spacious interior, early morning service, night golf available.

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For corporations

Commute Shuttle

Door-to-door transportation service for commuters. This will significantly reduce travel costs for employees, especially airport staff who need to commute early in the morning or late at night.

For corporations

LINE dispatch system

The all-in-one package of LINE and the dispatch system enables efficient DX for operating companies.

For corporations and local governments

Town Shuttle

A multipurpose shared transportation service that provides transportation within the area at reasonable rates. It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as commuting to work, picking up and dropping off children, transporting family members on weekends, going to the hospital, and rainy days.