Our Service


You can find people who want to go in the same direction by taxi and ride together

In such times, you can take a taxi "quickly" and "at a bargain."

  • "I have to take a taxi home because I missed the last train and bus! But it costs a lot to take a taxi"

  • "The weather is bad and there's a line of people each waiting to take a taxi. I want to get home quickly but I can't get a ride"

  • "A sudden accident made a train stop. I want to quickly get going but it's expensive to take a taxi"

  • "I'm going to a fun event and I want to conveniently move to the terminal station and back"

  • 01
    Enter your destination in the app and match with people with destinations that are close to yours
  • 02
    Check the automatically-calculated route and rideshare cost
  • 03
    Come together through messaging or the call function and start the rideshare
  • 04
    As credit payment is done through the app, there is no need for cash transactions!